YTPC-Series SDR (Soft-Defined Radio) Platform is a very flexible platform for communication system development and verification of 5G sub-6GHz or WiFi . YTPC-Series SDR platform is a fully Matlab-based and C++ integrated platform providing lots of example codes for communications to help quickly build up a full-function communication system. User can easily transmit and receive raw I/Q data from YTPC-Series SDR platform, YTPC-Series SDR platform can be easily implemented as an arbitrary waveform generator, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, signal analyzer, dual-link real-time 5G sub-6GHz radio transmission, LTE small cell, WiFi, or any wireless system and production by C++ or Matlab code. YTPC-Series SDR platform could connect to YTTEK 5G mmWave scalable module to transmit and receive 5G NR mmWave signal and perform beamforming and beam tracking in mmWave band.

  • High-quality flexible platform

    Easy-to-use high-quality SDR platform. The whole SDR platform is unique design, so we can flexibly customize the SDR platform for your use needs.

  • Save time and costs

    When doing 5G signal and array related signal wave band research, our products can save you the time of finding front-end modules.

  • MATLAB&C ++

    With “MATLAB C ++”-this system can achieve AWG, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, signal analyzer, network analyzer and real-time two-way radio transmission.