YTTEK’s Glimpse into tomorrow: Versatile Satellite Solutions Spotlighted at TASTI 2023

TASTI 2023, organized by TASA, has firmly established itself as a pivotal force in the global aerospace landscape. This immersive gathering highlights scientific exploration, technological advancements, and industrial breakthroughs, catapulting Taiwan to the forefront of the international space arena. YTTEK Versatile Satellite Solutions, encompassing satellites, drones, and ground communications. We played a central role in shaping the success of this aerospace spectacle.

TASTI (Taiwan International Assembly of Space Science, Technology, and Industry), serves as the heart of Taiwan’s aerospace extravaganza, consulted by NSTC(National Science and Technology Council). The event attracted significant political figures and international aerospace experts. The opening ceremony esteemed attendees, including President Tsai Ing-wen and Chairman Wu Tsung-Tsong of NSTC. The presence of foreign diplomats and representatives further elevated the international significance of this momentous event.

YTTEK's Glimpse into tomorrow: Versatile Satellite Solutions Spotlighted at TASTI 2023

YTTEK’s present flagship, Y.LOAD, a versatile communication payload solution employing frequency-hopping, rooted in a software-defined radio (SDR) architecture. Y.LOAD offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling user reconfiguration and substantially reducing costs and time associated with hardware replacements. This solution caters to diverse communication needs, exemplifying YTTEK’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of communication technology.

Additionally, Y.LOAD features a high-performance FPGA for efficient high-speed data transmission and processing, complemented by a built-in ARM processor to manage communication protocols and external device connections. Beyond its applications in space communication, Y.LOAD extends its prowess to the drone industry.With the design phase of this product completed, testing with real-drone is slated for the near future, targeting a communication range of 30-50 kilometers in the first quarter of 2024.Peering into the future, YTTEK has set its sights on launching Y.LOAD into low Earth orbit in 2025, reinforcing our enduring commitment to space technology.

The spotlight shone on the other is Y.FORCE S, a ground-based X-Band HighSpeed Satellite MODEM meticulously designed and manufactured by YTTEK. Successfully decoding signals from Taiwan’s FORMOSAT-5, the U.S. Landsat-8, and Landsat-9, Y.FORCE S exemplifies YTTEK’s prowess in ground communication technology, aligning seamlessly with CCSDS standards.

While YTTEK impressed the audience withvits innovative solutions, TASTI 2023 played host to a myriad of industry players presenting related products and services. With an emphasis on achieving nationwide coverage in the coming year, these exhibitors pledged to provide satellite communication services for emergencies, natural disasters, and government entities, solidifying Taiwan’s strategic position in the satellite communication landscape.

YTTEK solemnly commits to continue pushing the boundaries of satellite communication technology, perpetually seeking innovative ways to better meet customer needs and establish meaningful global connections. Our participation in this prestigious event not only underscored our talent and capabilities but also serves as a springboard for future collaborations. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the aerospace industry, YTTEK remains steadfast in its mission to explore new frontiers, innovate relentlessly, and create meaningful connections globally.